Amaka had never been to this part of Nigeria before, Abuja the land of opportunities! If you know who to meet.

Her bosom friend Regina had asked her to come stay with her till she could find her way around and stand on her feet, just yesterday she had been under the bridge at Ojuelegba trying to make ends meet and arguing heatedly with Semiu over the money he owed her, Lagos wasn’t a place to play nice if you wanted to survive, it was kill or be killed, so when the opportunity came to go to Abuja she didn’t waste one minute in thought, she picked up the only worldly possession she had at the uncompleted building down the street and high tailed it out of there.

Madam wetin you dey find? Aunty you wan buy something? Oh girl where you dey go?
The voices snapped her out of her reverie as she stood at the popular Nyanya park, she was nervous, where was Regina biko nu? Was she planning to make her sleep at the park? God knows she was used to sleeping out in public places but then….. She didn’t want the thought of sleeping at the park to be her final resort. She decided to wait in resignation to the fact that her friend was her only hope of making it in abuja.

She headed down to the woman selling Gala and La’casera, her stomach had been grumbling all day, Food was fuel to her, she couldn’t afford to go hungry because then she wouldn’t be able to hustle.

Just then her phone rang, it was Regiie, Babes what’s up nah, you no dey show again?
I dey come, I don almost reach the park, chillax, plenty time still dey to make this money, no let your blood dey hot anyhow.

Ok do quick I dey wait. As her friend hung up She suddenly remembered that the same place she was standing was where scores of people had lost there lives 3weeks ago, she felt a cold chill run down her spine, she started looking around for her friend, she was on the verge of panic when she saw a man pull up his car beside her, he got out closed the door and started saying “Allah is great (Allahu Akbar)” under his breath, she just ignored him and continued searching frantically for Regina.

After all, maybe he was just thanking allah for todays job, or maybe he was just saying so in resignation or surprise at something that might have happened to him. Maybe just maybe. *****************************
Usman Abu was bone tired from riding all the way from Borno to abuja, other than that everything was still schduled as planned, the pigs were resting, today being May Day.But the master had entrusted this mission into his hands, he wasn’t going to mess it up.

Tomorrow would be a sight, bodies thrown everywhere by the force at which this particular bomb would detonate, it was something the master took delight in doing. He had passed all the checkpoints without anyone checking his vehicle which was no surprise, There was nothing that cash couldn’t solve.

It was to be detonated by his wristwatch, just by turning the hands of the watch to 6’o clock, and Kaboom the whole place would be torched. He rubbed his hands in glee and proceeded to make calls to his contact in abuja tommorrow would be glorious.
Abu headed towards the entrance and boarded a cab.
Amaka was visibly tired and needed to rest, her phone rang she picked up in anger and shouted all manner of expletives at reggie in yoruba, reggie was laughing at her frustrations when she ended the call she was enraged, just as she turned she saw her friend of 23yrs coming towards her.

She had hardly had the chance to hug her friend, when she heard the loud noise,it was deafening, she cried out as she saw reggies mangled body before everything went black.

Abu had disappointed his master, he had lost this battle but people were dead and it would suffice and help calm his master.
*Somewhere in Borno*

The idiot Abu has failed me, but notwhithstanding we still have the girls we kidnapped, sooner or later this Government would cave in. He smiled and turned back to the young boy he was torturing, he was bored already with it, he quickly shot the boy in the head and ordered his body to be fed to the dogs.

For the victims of the bomb blast yesterday at Nyanya, and all other attrocities commited by the living Nightmare Bokoharam. Since am not tired of praying yet *May God send someone like John Rambo to kill all of you*

XoXo Eden.


11 thoughts on “FOR NYANYA 2”

  1. Yes!!!! Susan is back!!!!!
    When I heard the news yesterday, I could not even read the handout I was reading again. The pictures were too saddening.
    Less of this nonsense, but More of fictions from you babe

  2. Yeah, such an unfortunate incident at nyanya. The worst is that the president has refused help from the USA, am suspecting Oga Jona o, Jona must go, and again, we the citizens should be the RaMBO!!!!!!!!!

    1. I no even wan begin dey chant sef, but still we dey pray baba God to help us from this nasty situation. Me I no get Rambo strength, but woe betide any body wey harm my own person.

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