2014: Year of valuable lessons

I love chocolates and big books and I cannot lie about it.

So if you love me please get me John Green’s happy/sad awesome book, hardcover version “The Fault in Our Stars’ AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Kari jobe, tenth avenue north and hill song are the best things that happened to my play list this year.

I completed my goal of reading 50 books this year, ok more than 50 actually.

Best book I read this year: the Rosie project by Graeme Simsion.

The heart is a fickle thing, so God did his steadying of hearts job on me and I can say its beautiful.

This year started out really bad but that’s why valleys have slopes abi?

The reason I tagged it my year of valuable lessons is this; when you turn 21 your perspective about life starts to shift, the lessons I learnt this year cannot be un learnt.

I look back to the beginning and still find that there are some things I could have done differently, some things I definitely regret but life didn’t come with an instructional manual.


In no particular order, I believe that after a while things start to get clearer along the way; you start to see things differently than you used to.

Compromise is king: this was written explicitly in my journal *yes I still keep one* in my relationships with the people I met, I realized that sometimes it’s ok to not always get what you want.

Being vulnerable: I am not the kind of girl that likes being around people, for some weird reason, I don’t allow people into my space, but this year has taught me that no matter how high you build walls to block people out, dangote fit run out of building materials. For the people I built windows for on those castle walls, I hope 2015 brings wood to build doors.

Forgiveness : I remember a friend at school saying that I carry too many baggage for a young girl, and boy was it true, I rarely forget things that people do to me , I can say I forgive you, but no matter how hard I try I never seem to forget. But what’s the point of forgiving someone if you can’t forget? I learnt that this year.
Being single really doesn’t hurt, you would cry, feel alone and still be strong, life is too short to be unhappy.

When you worry you insult GOD. AS SIMPLE AS THAT: hello my name is Susan and I worry too much, this year I was so anxious of everything, my exams, my finances, relationships, I would worry till I got so overwhelmed by human emotions and I would cry, if you know me , you would understand, I cry so much but God taught me the futility of worrying and actually being still even when am so restless.

Cutting of unhealthy relationships: this year was a real eye opener for me with humans, I can’t claim to be an expert in human relationships, but the little I know is this if you give people a chance they will surprise you be it in a good or bad way.

Being spontaneous: I travelled to a town I had always wanted to go to, I did spoken word on stage in uyo, I sang karaoke and I lived oh yes I lived this year…..

Depression really kills your drive for anything: it’s no news that I used to have depression but this year I defeated the damn thing, my laughter actually sound like music to the ears. To all the people who helped me defeat this thing I say thank you. Some days might be rough but like mike says “if you die today, I will come and eat rice at your funeral, forget you in a couple of days” life is still too short to be anything but happy.

My relationship with God: I would rate myself a 70 percent on this level, it was amazing working with him, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It taught me to seek my happiness in him and every other thing would fall into place psalm 37:4-5. He really came through for me.

Family really is everything. For my mum who taught me resilience, my dad who taught me the beauty of silence and patience, and my siblings who taught me that sometimes it’s ok to be silly.

Lastly it taught me that there is no fear in love (1jhn 4:18) , sometimes I really wanted to give up, let everything go but his love truly held me down. Love held him to that cross, love pushed him to see through my flaws and call me his own. “No man holds a worthless thing in high esteem, neither does my Lord” he saw me fit to be loved when I was unlovable, for this reason I choose to love others the same way.

On this note I end the year, it wasn’t perfect but I have learnt to find joy in the ordinary.

The simple pleasures that life has to offer like friendships, good food, sound health, good books, twitter, good music, flowers and serenity shows me that life after all is worth living.

Here is to a splendid 2015, with no expectations at all other than to live to the fullest.

Here is to being happy.

This year I turned 21 and I became truly happy.


11 thoughts on “2014: Year of valuable lessons”

  1. My review of this year. I turned 21 too. It started out so badly.. ASUP strike, hostel issues, so many, but I remember you helping me write my manifestos to win my election, that I would neva eva 4get. Out of sight is not out of mind. Sue I know you have 4gotten me but I understand. God bless u

  2. Well done dear!
    Quite a year you had. But still, you made it through, bigger, better and with lessons learned.
    Here’s to an even more amazing 2015.
    Your best years are ahead of you.

  3. Lols……it was a real lesson U learnt#HailJah..
    If U hear mine,u go cry,u go laugh etc..
    Am happy I nd my floks saw d last day of d Year,even U Sue….#HailJah.
    Wishing U all d best in d nxt year 2 come few hours 4rm now#happY…..nd can we be better friends ……?#seeya!

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