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My Birthday Wish List

Its no Longer News that Am turning 23 soon, I woke up today with mixed feelings, Because its tempting to want to measure my life and all that I’ve accomplished with what I see daily on the internet.

I am tempted to beat myself up with a big stick and add a slap too for good measure.
But lately I have come to this understanding that its ok to feel all you want, Of enjoying the uniqueness of your own journey

I am learning to be Content, to not be ashamed to say, I cannot afford this now and learn to be ok with it.

Hence if given a choice as to what I would like for my birthday; here is what I would readily say/pick.

Cassies Blog Planner:

It is no news that I love cassandra, for her consistency and awesomeness, from the gift wrap down to the personal note, Its an essential item for me, being the procrastinator extraordinare and also a way of telling her “Great Job Cass”

Wrist Watches

This is such a Beauty
Because the Daniel Wellingtons I want are quite expensive. Still one can only hope

Cake: Ever Since I saw temi’s interview of the CEO of Waracake.com, it became love at first click, or anything at all called cake, I have never eaten a cupcake before so I will not say no to anything cake that day.

Waracake.com is not far, really this cake won't be bad.

Books: what’s a birthday without books.
The two books on my list are

1. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

2. On Black Sisters Street by Chika Unigwe

I still want my john Greens Paperback or hardcover version of “The Fault In Our Stars”

A Laptop: see ehn if you know how hard it is to write with a phone ehn…… Still an oldie but a goodie won’t be bad. If you have a used laptop that still works I am open to receive, or a new one. Sister; Brother Let God use you. Amen?

A Phone: My Blackberry is about to pack up soon. So I won’t say no to one beautiful android baby.

Ice-Cream and Good Company:

See if I say am a sucker for sweet things I wouldn’t be lying, so I want ice-cream and someone who will make me laugh.

Bracelets: I am not a fan of jewelry, so I wear bracelets instead, I will not say no to these.
I no mind at all.

Stationery: I am a hoarder when it comes to this area, Ann has always been the one giving me these things.

Cocktails and Dinner: Something simple.

Well that’s it sha.

My Birthday is on the 26th of March.
Email me : suzanneobasi@airtelng.blackberry.com
If you have questions as to where to ship or deliver the cake and gifts to.

A girl can only hope *sigh*

Light and Love



4 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish List”

    1. Moby yaaaayy, thanks mami, my birthday is this weekend tho and I’m hoping I get something out of my list. Been silently stalking your blog tho. I miss you too.

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