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Lately I have been thinking about all the ways we abandon ourselves, only to leave pieces of our souls in hollow places like other people’s bones, how we are constantly disappointed by the reflection of ourselves we see in the mirror when it’s not even the big picture.

I am thinking about all the abandoned spaces in our bodies that we can recover when we show up whole regardless of all the flaws, imperfections and uncertainty we may have or feel. 

I am thinking of how we could stop assuming that the way we love any person is the way they want to be loved and just ask “how can I love you”.

I am thinking of how loneliness turns every step you make into desperation, of how I am scared of commitment and permanence and asking if I know how to love deeply or if I am content with loving the idea of a person.

I am thinking of all the possibilities that are available to us when we walk this path together holding spaces for others by not judging them and just letting them be and just speaking softly into the hardness of their souls and ours.

These thoughts keep me awake but I know it’s part of the process and I have to trust that I make the right decisions. 

Happy New Month, i hope October brings love and happiness.


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