Brave Series: Day 1-Efe

​Some people are land mines, some people you have no business meeting, you step on them and they explode in your face,  I hope you learn to not be your own wrecking ball. –Wrecking Ball

I remember the first time I come Portharcourt from Benin to learn hair dresser work after my WAEC, I been happy but I no know say while even as my papa still dey alive say I got live like an orphan in for this life. 

Blood even as e join people so,  no mean say them be your family, my own sister wey bring me come here just abandon me because of one thing wey I still no understand , some people do get your progress for mind at all. 

I don get 3 madams since I start the work , I no even know which one worse pass inside all of them.

The first one treat me  bad ehn, I even develop ulcer because I no see enough food chop talk more of sleep,  the other one refused to pay wetin we agree,  the third one that is the person I still dey with nah the worse person to work for. 

Despite all the things wey I don go through, I still strong because one day i will not work for any person again,  December season Dey come I go open my own shop even if nah one small corner like that. once I get small money. No be fear hold me, nah money. 

This year been hard for me, but I know say those things na just temporal, next year go better. ——-Efe 

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