Brave Series: Day 2 -Uloaku 

​”We are afraid that our bodies will be torn apart by men who live their lives trying to win wars that they have no business fighting; that even if healing was a man whose lips speak peace to our souls we would still choose to be broken.” ———Choice

I have so much sadness in my life,  I didn’t plan to go to university, I wanted to go to a catering school, This is the 6th year I have known the father of my “Sonia” and it has broken me in more ways than one,  I got pregnant thinking that he would love me once I took in for him,  but it didn’t work. 

I don’t know if he intentionally disappears on me and only comes around when I have good things going for me.. Love has only brought me nothing but pain, from the cheating to the verbal abuse and doubt about the paternity of my child.


I want to be able to not rely on him to take care of my child, so I am going to register next year for the catering school.
I am not a strong woman I know, somedays I am afraid that my life is over, like there is no redemption for me, even when I try to forget I look at my daughter and it seems like my heart is tearing apart again. 

But i cannot keep blaming other people for the way my life is,  I can still decide to be better and that choice is something that makes my name give me hope—-Uloaku (A house of wealth) 
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