Brave Series : Day 4 – Kelechi

How i survived is exactly what it should be; A miracle. Stop trying to explain it understand it. ——– For those who look at you with wonder in their eyes.

I feel stupid sometimes because everybody says so,  they laugh at me when I can’t do things right, I am 12years old and I have seizures every time, they said its attack and I don’t know why it happens, when I try starts I cannot breathe or do anything for sometime, one aunty even said I was possessed and they took me to one church for deliverance.

I went to the village with my mom to get incisions on my face and to collect drugs too do that I will having the seizures but every time I stay alone and start thinking about it,  and worrying whether this is how my life will me, If I sleep thinking about it, it will happen that night.
I don’t feel confident in myself again, I am afraid every time. I just want to be normal. I have plans of being a nurse when I grow up,  it’s fashionable. 
I have had good times this year sha, I play with my sisters and my brother, I am in JSS 1 now,  I have made some friends in school. I am gradually learning to not worry too much about it now, everything will be okay soon. 
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