Brave Series : Day 5 – Grace

​Women like you, who wear the sun on their skin should never look downwards for fear of being too intense. You are too much light to not be felt -Shine

I am stressed out on a daily basis, a lady saw me recently and said I looked 27years when I haven’t even reached that age sef, I work at a guest house, I live there also. Before then I was living with my brother and his family, the wife is a tiger, I have never seen a person like that in my life, always complaining and nagging.
She has a beer parlor and I help her out sometimes from complaining that when I plug my phone that it draws current from the generator, to refusing me to speak with customers in a friendly manner, so I got tired and left.

The job at the guest house has its benefits, I get to not worry about where to live or what to eat,  I am like a mini madam there, but the place is a hell hole,  you wake by 5am and stay busy till almost dawn. 
I don’t have friends and the stress has got me feeling tired of the work.

This year has been trying for me but I plan to return to school, get a degree and hopefully make something out for myself. 

Hopefully when people look at me next year they won’t call me a 27year old when i am not up to that age. 

Hi my name is Grace and I am Brave
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