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Here is to giving our Girls the permission to Be instead of becoming all that the society has for them.
Here is to women all around the world reclaiming their bodies and welcoming themselves back home.

BBOG.jpgBring back our girls, the now popular hashtag reads.

The Chibok girls kidnapped 1014 days ago,

with about 194 of them still missing

and we demand must be brought back home.


But who will bring back our girls?

The ones who still live under our roofs but are missing nonetheless.

We hold their hands, looking into their eyes,

yet wondering where they must have wandered off to.


Who will bring back our girls?

The ones who should be in class,

But are out on the streets, selling short their dreams,

because only boys grow up to become Presidents?


Who will bring back our girls?

The ones who are held hostage in arranged marriages,

and have become slaves to estranged husbands.

Girls who are constantly apologizing for their innocence.


Who will bring back our girls?

The ones who work in the baby factories

and repeatedly trade off…

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Brave Series : Day 5 – Grace

​Women like you, who wear the sun on their skin should never look downwards for fear of being too intense. You are too much light to not be felt -Shine

I am stressed out on a daily basis, a lady saw me recently and said I looked 27years when I haven’t even reached that age sef, I work at a guest house, I live there also. Before then I was living with my brother and his family, the wife is a tiger, I have never seen a person like that in my life, always complaining and nagging.
She has a beer parlor and I help her out sometimes from complaining that when I plug my phone that it draws current from the generator, to refusing me to speak with customers in a friendly manner, so I got tired and left.

The job at the guest house has its benefits, I get to not worry about where to live or what to eat,  I am like a mini madam there, but the place is a hell hole,  you wake by 5am and stay busy till almost dawn. 
I don’t have friends and the stress has got me feeling tired of the work.

This year has been trying for me but I plan to return to school, get a degree and hopefully make something out for myself. 

Hopefully when people look at me next year they won’t call me a 27year old when i am not up to that age. 

Hi my name is Grace and I am Brave
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Brave Series : Day 4 – Kelechi

How i survived is exactly what it should be; A miracle. Stop trying to explain it understand it. ——– For those who look at you with wonder in their eyes.

I feel stupid sometimes because everybody says so,  they laugh at me when I can’t do things right, I am 12years old and I have seizures every time, they said its attack and I don’t know why it happens, when I try starts I cannot breathe or do anything for sometime, one aunty even said I was possessed and they took me to one church for deliverance.

I went to the village with my mom to get incisions on my face and to collect drugs too do that I will having the seizures but every time I stay alone and start thinking about it,  and worrying whether this is how my life will me, If I sleep thinking about it, it will happen that night.
I don’t feel confident in myself again, I am afraid every time. I just want to be normal. I have plans of being a nurse when I grow up,  it’s fashionable. 
I have had good times this year sha, I play with my sisters and my brother, I am in JSS 1 now,  I have made some friends in school. I am gradually learning to not worry too much about it now, everything will be okay soon. 
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Brave Series : Day 3- Chuks

​When did you learn to let doubt swallow you whole? You said you wanted to walk on water; stop looking at the storm. That fear will drown you—–Brave

My name is Chuks and I am a fashion designer, early this year I experienced a hard time putting together my brand, I was broke and had no idea what i wanted to do, I was afraid of starting, entrepreneur life is not for children or for the faint hearted but how will you know that you are strong or badass when you keep hiding and saying, I will do it later. 
So one morning I decided not to stay at home anymore, I went to one man’s shop and asked him if I could stay here and work with him, surprisingly he said yes. 

I invested in myself by allowing myself get schooled under him, pride is what will get you killed out there when you are just starting, you have got to have a child’s mind mehn,  stay humble. 

Right now i design things that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had stayed in my house for fear of not being good enough or that my work won’t be able to sell. 

One of the major constrain I have been facing is getting good materials like the one Yomi Casual uses, that young man has inspired me in more ways than one, did you see his new collection? 

2017 is going to be lit, I just know it. 

There is a bag I always carry around, I call it my MMM, you just have to trust that one day your hustle go pay. 
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Brave Series: Day 2 -Uloaku 

​”We are afraid that our bodies will be torn apart by men who live their lives trying to win wars that they have no business fighting; that even if healing was a man whose lips speak peace to our souls we would still choose to be broken.” ———Choice

I have so much sadness in my life,  I didn’t plan to go to university, I wanted to go to a catering school, This is the 6th year I have known the father of my “Sonia” and it has broken me in more ways than one,  I got pregnant thinking that he would love me once I took in for him,  but it didn’t work. 

I don’t know if he intentionally disappears on me and only comes around when I have good things going for me.. Love has only brought me nothing but pain, from the cheating to the verbal abuse and doubt about the paternity of my child.


I want to be able to not rely on him to take care of my child, so I am going to register next year for the catering school.
I am not a strong woman I know, somedays I am afraid that my life is over, like there is no redemption for me, even when I try to forget I look at my daughter and it seems like my heart is tearing apart again. 

But i cannot keep blaming other people for the way my life is,  I can still decide to be better and that choice is something that makes my name give me hope—-Uloaku (A house of wealth) 
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