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Life Lately + Giveaway Win

Beautiful People; A very Happy New Month to Everyone.
There are sins you commit and your mouth becomes too stiff to apologise.
My heart isn’t hardened yet.

My people I am on my knees, apologising, I didn’t and wouldn’t abandon my blog. Life and school happened to me.

School has a way of stealing our groove, especially mine.

Yet here’s what has been going on with me.

I read 50books last year and it felt so good to finish something, (Queen B of procrastination here), so I decided to do 60books this year and I haven’t read up to 20, help me someone. But I am currently reading;
1. Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selesi.
2. Of course I love you! Till I find someone else by Durjoy Datta
3. We are water by wally lamb
And a book review is coming up soon and I have Afoma to thank for the book. An Untamed State by Roxanne Gay.

As a recluse I went to the movies alone; twice.
Mad Max is an intense movie.
I finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 lol
Then the series Empire> you saw that one coming didn’t you?
Jussie smollet is Bae.

Blogs I have been stalking
Ahem please as opposed to itimi calling me a silent stalker, I think you’re awesome that’s why I stalk you.
So in no particular order
1. Cassandra Ikegbune’s blog-this is my daily drug
2. Kunmi Oni’s Blog– because she’s wise, like a big sister.
3. Afoma’s blog– some people say it better than you, and her photography is all shades of awesome.
4. Ebunite’s– because she has the most hilarious and deep links to things, plus she reads.
5. MenoWord– she is deep.
6. Grace’s blog– I love grace #nuffsaid.
7. Duru’s Blog #nuffsaid
8.Temi’s Blog – baby this list ain’t complete without you.
9. Sisi’s Blog– Her baby is cute and she is amazing
10. Dobby’s– because deep down I am a sworn foodie.

This has been the most amazing part of my life
1.Bobome remix by ada
2.Hillsong’s Empire album is all shades of awesome; street called mercy is my favourite
3.For king and Country-Fix my eyes and Shoulders
4.Jenn Johnson of Bethel music- in over my head and I can feel you.
Finally Morgan harper nichols ft jamie grace – storyteller. Had it on repeat for days.

Lessons Learnt
Just a handful. A new post would be put up later for this.
Never ever doubt yourself. You are Enough
Love is a Verb.
Be kind to yourself
Humility pays.
When you feel down, buy a new shade of lipstick.

Giveaway wins

I won my first giveaway on kunmi’s blog. Her ebook from the series can be dowloaded at
#31DaysOfLovingLikeJesus she’s the elder sister I never had.

Thanks to Duru of YNC blog, Chief caretaker, number one womanizer of africa for checking up on me while I was away.

Well guys that’s what’s up.

Will update more.

I love you guys more than you imagine.
Let me know what’s been going on with you; leave a comment below.
Remember there is beauty and color in your life, shine on.


For Gweni; The Reason May Became Special :)

“You Go Dey Alright She Said”
I still find myself saying that phrase when I feel overwhelmed or uncertain about a certain situation.

This is for that one time when we met on the streets of twitter.

This is for that one time we felt “Americanah” was highly overrated.

This is for the other times when I felt like we were kindred spirits.

This also is for those times when distance became so unbearable, and we could go days without speaking to each other, but when we do we just pick up from where we left off.

This also is for those times when I would whatsapp you about something that made me happy or sad or I just wanted gist.

This is for when you amazed me and gave me a book I had longed to read. “Jeffrey Archer’s – A Twist in The Tale” ok not give exactly but prompted me in downloading it”

This too is for that one time when you wrote me that beautiful note, I still feel butterflies when I read it.

This is also for that one time when you told me about side hustle, when you support my art with your words.

This is also for all the beautiful memories we would still share; yeah for the bachelorette parties, the baby showers, Long phone calls, the traveling to see places, buying all the books on amazon, eating all the chocolate we lay our hands on, serving God diligently and getting old and trying to see whose gray her fits her more.

There are friends you would meet and they simply “get you”, no pretense. They encourage you to see past your flaws, and dare you to be you.

I wouldn’t even start to tell you how amazing you are, even without having met you I just know it, like Gods Word Shut up in my Bones.

I pray you soar, I pray you shine, I pray you win daily.

Come June 2015 I hope to work miracles, then we can eat a big cake on your behalf, but for now I am just content with saying happy birthday to the most amazing person on earth.

Words aren’t enough Gweni’ to say all I want to say.

Daughter of consolation.
A Blessing.
A Lifter of Men.
An encouragement.

I love you from the very depth of my heart *dont you dare roll your eyes at me*

Happy birthday Gweni’. You deserve all the love in the world.

Love Suzanne.