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Here is to giving our Girls the permission to Be instead of becoming all that the society has for them.
Here is to women all around the world reclaiming their bodies and welcoming themselves back home.

BBOG.jpgBring back our girls, the now popular hashtag reads.

The Chibok girls kidnapped 1014 days ago,

with about 194 of them still missing

and we demand must be brought back home.


But who will bring back our girls?

The ones who still live under our roofs but are missing nonetheless.

We hold their hands, looking into their eyes,

yet wondering where they must have wandered off to.


Who will bring back our girls?

The ones who should be in class,

But are out on the streets, selling short their dreams,

because only boys grow up to become Presidents?


Who will bring back our girls?

The ones who are held hostage in arranged marriages,

and have become slaves to estranged husbands.

Girls who are constantly apologizing for their innocence.


Who will bring back our girls?

The ones who work in the baby factories

and repeatedly trade off…

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This Is How To Die- A Poem

Eat up every poison laced meal of self
doubt and wash it down with a glass of anxiety.

Take a knife to your soul and shred every bit of kindness your mama ever taught you, Because being a flower in world where everyone is concrete Equates vulnerability to Weakness.

Inject your veins with a Milligram of blood curling screams worth of criticism from friends and foe alike and recite it as your daily Mantra.

Stay close to the edge of the cliff that was made from seeking Validity, for existing in a world where everyone wants to be seen or heard.

Choke on your Words because you believe that if you shout loud enough, you will be heard, you see; the world spins madly on and so even when you are speaking so loudly all they see is lips moving.

Accept Poison, Laced in the form of a relationship, Have it eat away at your Self-Esteem, teaching you to only want the small things, While accepting Scraps and calling it Love.

Set yourself on a platform disguised as friendship, become a hang man, put your head in a noose and watch friends turn into butterflies, fluttering away while you watch the breath slip from you.

Stab away at your soul for being the one who takes up space, who shows up every single day and lives.

Gamble away your life at a particular table called Apology, Say sorry for every single decision you’ve ever made, even for fighting everyday to stay alive.

Better yet………

Choose daily to shred off all the weight, the disappointment, the hurt, the pain, by pouring Gasoline on your being and taking a match to you.

Because you believe that the only way to destroy what they had put in you was to burn down your whole body, while chanting “When there is nothing else left to burn, You set Yourself on Fire”

This truly is only how to become ashes when you were always meant to be the phoenix.



I Forgot- A poem

I Forgot what Freedom Felt
like when I became a Prison and called it Home.

I Forgot what Peace could do to a troubled mind when I became a Terrorist,held myself Hostage and declared myself a Ransom.

I Forgot what Joy Tasted like the minute I started Expecting too much of this Fragile mind.

I Forgot Love could Liberate a Shackled Soul when I Happily Caged myself in the Fulfillment derived from hearing your Approval.

I Forgot that Mercy could clear a fogged mind ridiculed by the sunniness of Guilt.

I Forgot what Lust Could do to a “man”, it trains him to confuse freedom,Peace,Joy,Love and mercy with temporal satisfaction and cruelty.

I Forgot that Words meant different things to different people, because sometime when people say hello what I hear is “Bye”

On days like these when I truly Remember these things.
I Hope to remember not to forget how to Forgive myself.

I Hope to Remember the Days that I Truly Fall in love with Simply being alive 🙂