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On Turning 23

It is quiet just like I thought it would be.

I am learning that social media is the worst tool to measure where you are right now as a person, its ok if you aren’t where you wish you would be, social media doesn’t tell you that instead it feeds us with the craze to want to make our stories the same and I decided to fight the tide.

I wish there was a hand book that would tell me how to navigate “Adulthood” especially freshman year.

If its anything to go by, its the realization that I don’t have to beat myself up for not being where I should be.

The only Selfie I took on my birthday; I was very uneasy
The only Selfie I took on my birthday; I was very uneasy

Its saying no to self-hate and understanding that I am a miracle….

It is straightening this shriveled up body that has always wanted to please everyone and abandoning apologies (thanks ore)

Its enjoying the quiet that comes with my awkward social life.

Its smiling steadily as my Dad for the first time in my life “Says Happy Birthday” to me.

Its saying hang on “kiddo” you may not have all the cake you want and stuff on your wishlist, but you’ll get there.

So here is to me being the best version of my self, to serious soul searching, conscious living and brave decisions.

You are loved infinitesimally by a God who knows what’s up.

Be a Hermit/Recluse/Socially Awkward person all you want, this world is a brighter place because of you.

So I really don’t know how to navigate 23 yet but I know one thing, its going to be the best year yet.

Love And Light

TidBits and Random Stuff

My Birthday Wish List

Its no Longer News that Am turning 23 soon, I woke up today with mixed feelings, Because its tempting to want to measure my life and all that I’ve accomplished with what I see daily on the internet.

I am tempted to beat myself up with a big stick and add a slap too for good measure.
But lately I have come to this understanding that its ok to feel all you want, Of enjoying the uniqueness of your own journey

I am learning to be Content, to not be ashamed to say, I cannot afford this now and learn to be ok with it.

Hence if given a choice as to what I would like for my birthday; here is what I would readily say/pick.

Cassies Blog Planner:

It is no news that I love cassandra, for her consistency and awesomeness, from the gift wrap down to the personal note, Its an essential item for me, being the procrastinator extraordinare and also a way of telling her “Great Job Cass”

Wrist Watches

This is such a Beauty
Because the Daniel Wellingtons I want are quite expensive. Still one can only hope

Cake: Ever Since I saw temi’s interview of the CEO of Waracake.com, it became love at first click, or anything at all called cake, I have never eaten a cupcake before so I will not say no to anything cake that day.

Waracake.com is not far, really this cake won't be bad.

Books: what’s a birthday without books.
The two books on my list are

1. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

2. On Black Sisters Street by Chika Unigwe

I still want my john Greens Paperback or hardcover version of “The Fault In Our Stars”

A Laptop: see ehn if you know how hard it is to write with a phone ehn…… Still an oldie but a goodie won’t be bad. If you have a used laptop that still works I am open to receive, or a new one. Sister; Brother Let God use you. Amen?

A Phone: My Blackberry is about to pack up soon. So I won’t say no to one beautiful android baby.

Ice-Cream and Good Company:

See if I say am a sucker for sweet things I wouldn’t be lying, so I want ice-cream and someone who will make me laugh.

Bracelets: I am not a fan of jewelry, so I wear bracelets instead, I will not say no to these.
I no mind at all.

Stationery: I am a hoarder when it comes to this area, Ann has always been the one giving me these things.

Cocktails and Dinner: Something simple.

Well that’s it sha.

My Birthday is on the 26th of March.
Email me : suzanneobasi@airtelng.blackberry.com
If you have questions as to where to ship or deliver the cake and gifts to.

A girl can only hope *sigh*

Light and Love