Meet Suzie


Hi Am Susan Kamnelechukwu Obasi.
23yeard old Computer Scientist, Poet, Writer, Blogger, Content Developer, Ideas Curator And Daydreamer.

I like colored sweaters, stationery and deep conversations with kindred spirits.

I can be a total recluse when I want to be.

I love the idea of traveling around the world with not a care in the world.

I love poetry, music and books that make me feel things.
I read voraciously. So leave me a link to your blog and you’ll find me sitting down to read your entire backlog of posts.

I love the smell of coffee and I am a constant “Smiler”
I overcame depression when I was 21 and I wear my scars like a badge.

I have learnt that truths can co-exist in this world and it has freed me from having to constantly expect too much from people or needing people to do same

I have learnt to forgive and be kind to myself, and also to stop apologizing for being human.

Welcome to my corner of cyberspace where I share my thought, write fiction, poetry and basically be a sunshine in someone else’s cloud.


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