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Hey There
I joined an accapella group when I was 10, I was fascinated with how beautiful sounds oozed out when a group of persons found their sync, together. It was baller status to be in a singing group back then.

I can’t speak for everyone but I used to feel invincible whenever we were called to sing. Spotlights and everything. I was even allowed to do a solo and it felt good to be able to do something you loved.

I left the group when I was 17.

But I never did lose the need to do things that made people want to become the best versions of themselves. Either its through my writing or speaking to people.

It serves as the basis for all I do.

To create things that reflects hope,To create things that heal, To create things that honors a Maker who has handed me a life better than I deserve.

This is My Purpose.

I allow myself the luxury of putting myself out there, unafraid of being vulnerable whether its through Writing, Speaking or working with other Creative people

You have My word that I will show up for you in a way that leaves me shedding my skin and putting my bones into what I do.

Obasi Susan

For Press + Partnership + Inquires


Satellite Village Oyigbo Portharcourt


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